BRING YOUR OWN CARPET: (hopefully the last webinar on earth)

with Ingela Ihrman und Maria Lind for SREDA OBUCHENIA

"I have done things, worked on it. But that's this thing of problems, problems come from the mind. It's like politics, politics has to be problems because politics is all from the mind. You don't feel in politics, you just have to think about, the action is from the mind." (Don Cherry in "Organic Music Societies"; Blank Forms; 2021; New York; p.68)

Breating Exercise 4711

1,2,3,4 (Breathing in) 5,6,7 (Holding the Breath) 8,9,10,11 (Breathing out)

in a few days here:


Sources and References mentioned in the conversation

Alexandra Gospic: link (Swedish)

Dilip Jeste: link

Great source for a variety of body exercises:

and to end with what we started with:


on the 28th of January the cultural ambassador of Sweden says the following: Bernd Krauss who spends most (?) his time these days in XXXXXXXX (?) is somebody who is constantly (?) picking (?) up things around him, found objects, materials such as wood (?). He is fascinated by creativity (?) and constantly transgresses the border (?) between professional (?) creativity as made (?) by artists and the creativity of amateurs (?). So the aesthetics (?) of amateurs flow (?) into the work that tends to be a bit like assemblages (?) or makeshift (?) installations (?). It is not unusual for him when he is invited to an exhibition to almost move into the institution (?) and to leave traces (?) of his activities (?) there (?)

Piet Zwart Garden Extension (Level 3)