"Bendy" in OC L.A the car show: Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung




OC L.A the car show: Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung
with works by
Sophie Bates
Madison Bycroft
Katharina Cameron
Brian Getnick
Angelica Falkeling
Dan Fogarty
Jakob Forster
Lili Huston-Herterich
Marta Hryniuk
Bernd Krauß
Anna Luczak
Roxanne Maillet
Kari Robertson
Natalia Sorzano
Geo Wyeth

"Ich giess beim Burgschmiet zu Nürnberg" (für 2019/GfZK Leipzig)


Jakob Daniel Burgschmiet(Neutor)


Peter Vischer (selber) am St. Sebald Grab

und hinterher noch zum NEEF: Haferl Kaffee & Nussbeugerl

Performance aan de Laan #2: Anita c/o Ingmar: Bernd Krauss, Gerwin Luijendijk

A theatre performance about the personal life of old Ingmar Bergman and his Hushållerska Anita Haglöf, who was his maid for 8 years.
The performance is a collage that fuses together different documentary materials that have been produced for Swedish Television (SVT) and been recently republished to celebrate Bergmann 100. birthday.

Performing Artists: Bernd Krauss and Gerwin Luijendijk

When: 25 and 26 January 2019

20.00. doors open, coffee and tea
20.30. begin performance (NO ENTRANCE AFTER 20.30).
Drinks afterwards

Entry: € 4,-

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED due to limited seats.
Email to: performanceaandelaan@gmail.com

This project is kindly supported by Gemeente Rotterdam