FARMERSSALAD @ Kunsthuis SYB with Piet Zwart Fine Art

Active and relaxed.
We've spent the nights together
On airbeds, sleeping mats forever
Boom boom, boom boom
We're making a Smörgas boom.

Come and join us at the closing events of our residency at Kunsthuis SYB.

Pyrotechnics, drawings, paintings, sculptures, films, performances, gymnastics, flamenco, porcini, and some snacks and beverages for the thirsty.

Saturday 16:00-21:00: A Welcoming Ceremony, Karaoke, and finishing off with a game of Billiards At The Wachtroom.

Sunday 15:00-18:00: Chats, Tea's, Coffee's and potential neck rubs....

After a 10 day period the camping stove has provided a weekly menu reflecting on the local and seasonal assets.
In a reciprocal form of learning and informing, the site of Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag, NL.

Featuring artists from the Piet Zwart Master of Fine Arts Programme;

Lukas Meßner
Jamie Kane
Josie Perry
Daphne Simons
Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir
Yanik Soland
Petter Dahlström Persson
Jake Caleb
Lucía Bayón Mendoza
Bernd Krauß