Aelberts Ballen/Aelbert's Balls (PIPe at Pictura Dordrecht)

"Aelbert's Balls"tells the story of Aelbert Cuyp, the 17th-century Dordrecht landscape painter about whom little is known. Through loose investigations and fusing freely together facts and fiction Bernd Krauss and Gerwin Luijendijk show the true story of Mr. Cuyp and its contemporary confusions in a absurd setting between the sky and the hard plaster of the city of Doordrecht. Complications appear when a memorial contribution is made to the famous son of town. Acompanied by professional air stewards a bumpy flight touches on daily politics and intimate pragmatics of of a challenging relationship Aelbert finds himself redefining his next identity with the help of senor Lecturer of Kent University Joana Williams.

Bernd Krauss and Gerwin Luijendijk have been working together on various performances since 2017, including "Chairing my Thoughts" (2017) and "Annita c / o Ingmar (2018/19). In the performances a theatrical form is suggested. Both artists - with their roots in the visual arts - reconstruct their performative approach to theatre through the recuperation of an unpredictable biographical drama.
(language: english/dutch; text:
Bernd Krauss and Gerwin Luijendijk)

Part of PiPe
Pictura Performance Festival
21/11 - 15/12/2019

Official Blonde & Aelbert

4 is 2,5 too much, but 7 kids is just fine!
Magré wants the job to be Maria!
Cornelia Cordula Corinne

Joana Williams - Senior Lecturer Kent University

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