The Curatorial – a psychological condition (for my Post-Doctoral Fellowship)


1) All your travel is paid by your employer?         Yes            No
2) The percentage of the jobs you occupy is more than 120%        No      Yes (How much:      )
3) Even outside your field you are an expert on many things?       No          Yes
       If yes please list which:
4) You are first and foremost an artist?     Yes      No      Part Time
5) Did you ever respond to an email without reading it first?       Yes      No    Mostly (=3 Yes)
6) You never read a book without an exhibition in mind?       Yes       No
7) Your colleagues are your friends and your friends are your networks?    Yes         No
8) The art works you own are all gifts?      Yes        No
9a) Your flat is predominantly white?         Yes         No
9b) No carpets on the floor?        Yes       No
9c) Even at home you have a technician coming in for hanging work?     Yes       No
10) You naturally know when things are crooked?        No       Yes
11) Your PHD is not on hold it is in progress?   
                                   Yes        No      I actually gave up (subtract two yes)
12) Which one of these would you prefer not to?  
         Manifesta              documenta            Venice           (for each please subtract one yes) 
13 a) What do you tell your parents you do?

13 b) What do you think your parents tell your grandparents what you do?

- Up to 5 Yes: there is still hope
- Up to 10 Yes: this is the last chance to turn around!
- Above 10 Yes: Don’t you dare to CURATE me