Take your BK-Drops, please!

BK-Drops can be applied for a variety of curatorial conditions: Sudden declared urgencies, general cultural nausea, neurotic profile therapy, dampening of arbitrariness. (Cold baths and breathing exercises help to reinforce the positive effects) The drops can be taken throughout the day as they react to circumstances in a generative & generous way. Side effects in rare cases can be complications of all sorts: Triggering administrative responses, instigating incredulous astonishment or it leaves the patient unimpressed. BK drops critically renegotiating the creative parameters by exposing the ongoing drainage of aesthetic values through the operators in the curatorial field (Curatorial Creative Complex). Reclaiming the curatorial as core artistic responsibility guides all measures prescribed by MD Krauss. All methods are scientifically researched (University of Chicago Center for Practical Wisdom) but discard any further responsibilities. Criticality has been exhausted by the curatorial imposters and therefore lost its credibility. Invalidate it as creative currency! Reminder: I cannot cure the curation. The patient knows the patient best! (more or less successfully treated customers in chronological order: Stefan Kalmar & Marina Fokidis, Nikolaus Schafhausen, Florian Waldvogel, Sören Grammel, Carsten Ahrens, Giti Nourbakhsch, Maria Lind, Anthony Spira, RoseLee Goldberg, Marion Ritter & Charlotte Desaga, Ellen Blumenstein & Töchter, Julia Schäfer, Jens Strandberg, Franciska Zoloym, ...)